Windshield Repair without replacement

Windshield Repair

Small cracks or chips in the windshield can turn into large cracks and sometimes windshield replacement is the only option left. But at KGW, if a chip or crack is smaller than six inches, we can quickly repair it, this allows you to save your time and money.

To correctly repair your windshield, KGW experts remove crack or chip from the impacted area, and then clean the glass properly.  Some of the cracks that can be repaired are Star break, heal moon, Bull’s eye and combination break. There are many reasons why repair is a better option than replacement. KGW specialists perform windshield repairs within a short time. We can also come to your residential or commercial properties to fix your windshield and get your car back on the road safely.


  • Convenience is service
  • Stop even the small chip or crack from becoming bigger
  • Guaranteed work
  • Affordable repair service
  • Faster service

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